Why choose a garage conversion?

Did you know that a garage conversion can add up to 20% extra value to your home?

Garage conversations are a cost effective way to increase your living area and give you that extra precious space. Many people store lots of junk in their garage instead of their car. Research by RAC Home Insurance found that four in 10 of us can’t fit our cars in the garage anymore due to the amount of clutter.

If you are finding that you are wasting this space by storing unwanted junk then it’s worth considering converting your garage into extra space for the home. Virgin Money estimates that converting your garage into an ensuite bedroom could add 20% to the value of your home. Not bad eh?

How much does a garage conversion cost?

The average cost to convert a garage into additional home Space ranges from
£9000 and upwards depending on size and specifications costs can increase due to structural change, plumbing and utilities changes. However, when compared with moving costs it works out more cost effective.

If you are considering converting your garage into extra home space then there are a few things to consider:

• Do your foundations need to be reinforced?

• Do walls, floors or roof need to be repaired? If your walls are not in great condition then it may be cheaper to demolish your garage and start again

• Does your ceiling need to be raised?You will need approximately 2.2-2.4m of headroom once the floor has been laid.

• Will you need a planning applications?

• Will you need to use a structural engineer?

We can help with all of the above however it’s worth finding out the above as it will help to give you a better idea as to what you may need and whether there will be an increase in costs.

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Highly recommend Shaun and his team

Highly recommend Shaun and his team, Shaun and Dean have completed a great job with a great finish. They are both very professional and trustworthy and we would highly recommend Kent Garage Conversions. We are delighted with our completed garage conversion and we shall be using them again for future projects.

Excellent service!

Shaun provided an excellent service with the project completed on time and on budget. Super professional, regular communication and a daily tidy up, you should definitely use this company.

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